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The three-hour Professional Development sessions are led by experts in their fields. Cost includes the choice of one session repeated morning and afternoon, or two different sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Attendees will receive any and all materials associated with each session.

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Deconstructing Common Core Standards to establish common understanding

Most standards are written in terms that can be easily interpreted in a number of ways, which results in significantly different instruction and assessments. To develop a more cohesive understanding of what the standards are asking students to know and be able to do, the Institute has developed this session to demonstrate the process for taking the standards from broad statements to well-defined and understood skills, with the types of thinking required by the standards.

Who should Attend: Teachers and Building Administrators

Aligning Assessment Types to Common Core Standards
Developing Curriculum-based Assessments
Integrating instructional strategies to improve student achievement
Moving to Data-driven Instruction
Using the Curriculum as Formative Data
Teacher feedback, making a positive impact on student learning
Using data to prioritize and set goals


  • A CD with the latest research in education
  • A session workbook with instructional materials and areas for note taking
  • Automatic membership to the Common Core Institute community on the EdWeb

Onsite Professional Development through the Common Core Institute costs $99 per person with a minimum order of $2500 per day. No more than 50 attendees per session. Location is your choice within your school or district. See the courses to design your custom day of Professional Development!

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